Mole Trapping and Removal in Baltimore County and Surrounding Areas

Prevention by Exclusion * Reasonable Rates * Licensed & Insured

Mole Trapping and Removal Moles are notorious for the damage they do to lawns, golf courses, cemeteries, etc. During the spring, frequent rains cause moist soil conditions that bring worms to the surface. Where ever the worms go the moles will follow. These surface runs are what causes the damage to lawns. Our approach is to begin with humane pitfall traps, and use lethal-traps as a last resort.

The eastern mole is a real problem for people who value a nice lookiking lawn. One motivated mole can dig 80 feet of tunnel in one hour! We chose to trap the moles instead of using the talprid (poison) worms because we want to show you the mole once we get it. This iliminates the need to wonder if you are really getting results. With the use of poison worms you don’t really know whether a mole dies or not.

Trapped Mole - Photo by Marc Cohen